Oil Catch Tank


  • Large capacity 800ml. Unit measures 9" tall (including filter) by 3" diameter, 1/2" ID pipe size
  • Top mounted stainless housed filter for fast oil mist condensation
  • Oil level indicator
  • Bottom drain
  • No more oil-catch problems!
  • Suitable for race & fast-road use
  • Beautifully made to enhance under bonnet appearance  


This tank is fitted with twin inputs so it will suit inline engine configurations, V configurations, and twin cams. If only one inlet is to be used then either block off the spare one or empty the can before it reaches its capacity (every 2000 to 4000 miles)

There are a lot of catch tanks around, but you wont find one as well made or as fully featured as ours


If desired this kit can be supplied with:

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FAQ: Why fit an oil catch tank? If your engine breathes back into its induction system (usual on all engines after mid 1960s) it is recirculating oxygenless oil-laden air back into the fuel mix. As the induction system operates at full efficiency on oxygenated air then fitting a catch tank will gain horsepower, as well as prevent carbon & sludge build up in the induction system. Simply removing the emissions & breather system will tend to result in a very grimy engine bay, as well as being detrimental to the environment, and an MOT fail - for race use cars showing any indications of oil fumes from their breather system will be required to fit a catch tank by the scrutineers.

FAQ: Do I need the extra bracket? The tank is built with a single lug incorporated to allow fastening to bulkhead or another horizontal surface. But many people prefer the extra security of a 2 point fixing (or 3 point if you use the lug as well).

TIP: The contents of the tank will give a good indication of the oil and engine condition. Presence of water indicates condensation, very fluid oil / petrol fumes indicates oil is being diluted by petrol (poor combustion or excessively rich mixture), creamy sludge indicates water contamination (head gasket?), excess fumes indicates piston bore sealing issues.

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There is a 2 minute video of the catch tank here, but its a pretty large file which takes 3 minutes to download even on broadband so you have been warned! Watch video