Oil Cooler Radiators Classic Style


The pressed plate cooler consists of a variable number of aluminium pressed  plates forming oil ways and end tanks, the oil ways contain turbulators which not only break down boundary layer effect in the flow to obtain maximum heat dissipation without undue pressure drop but also because they are brazed to both surfaces of the plates hold them together under pressure.
The oil ways are interspersed with aluminium strip louvered and formed into corrugations to provide airways. The entire unit is brazed together in a salt bath. The design is beautifully simple and efficient and most suitable for mass production, the coolers are available in various heights,  usually referred to in rows, these are the number of oil ways including top and bottom plates which also carry oil.


All coolers are 50mm wide

number of rows matrix height in (mm) weight in (Kgs) capacity in (litres)
4 29 0.31 ?
7 53 0.39 0.08
10 77 0.48 0.12
13 100 0.60 0.16
16 124 0.67 0.19
19 147 0.84 0.23
25 194 1.15 0.30


The cooler is supplied with a threaded inlets for screw-on hoses. Should you wish to use clamp on hoses (rubber or braided) then we can supply either a straight adapter or right angle for standard 1/2" (13mm) ID hose. This can just as easily be removed should you wish to change to threaded type at a later date.

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Straight adapter for push on hose:


90 degree adapter for push on hose:


NB:90 degree adapter can be rotated for best position


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